Torchbearers, Philippines
Reaching out to high school students, parents and teachers is the primary focus of Torchbearers in the Philippines.

We teach classes in Values Education, host activities and parties for evangelistic purposes, lead discipleship ministries and run a Student Center that is strategically located between two public high schools in the Manila area.

The center is located about 5 km from the University of the Philippines and Quezon Memorial Circle 

• Student Center ministry, weekdays (June-March)
• High School Outreach, weekdays (August-March)
• Evangelistic Camp (April)
• Leadership Camp (May)

DIRECTOR: Loy Vargas

ADDRESS: Torchbearers - Box 346 - Greenhills - San Juan City - 1502 - Philippines

TELEPHONE / FAX: +632 9322 438 / +632 9620 798 /

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