Situated on the eastern edge of the Salzkammergut region (near Salzburg) at the gateway to the "Totes Gebirge" massif, the district around Schloss Klaus is one of great scenic beauty, with far-flung tracts of woodland, lovely valleys and picturesque villages.

Schloss Klaus is an old sentry-walk with battlements, towers and vaults all rebuilt from that which was left of an old fortress dating from the 11th century and a once-derelict 16th century castle.

The original character of the castle has been preserved and lovingly combined with new facilities and cosy rooms to make it a place of warmth and "Gemuetlichkeit".

Now complete with its rebuilt fortress, Schloss Klaus can provide accommodation for 150 guests.

70 km south of Linz, 130 km east of Salzburg; the village of Klaus is located on the B138 road / A9 motorway between Wels and Graz. 

• Retreats for teenagers and for confirmation candidates
• Weeks for adults and families, with special children's programmes
• Bible education weeks and church retreats
• Short-term Bible School (October-March)
• Mission projects in Sudan, South Sudan, Micronesia, India, France, and Albania

D.I.G. "Diakonie in der Gemeinde" ministry

Outreach & Missionary Projects (continued)


DIRECTOR: Jürgen Kieninger

ADDRESS: Missionsgemeinschaft der Fackeltraeger - Schloss Klaus - Klaus 16 - 4564 Klaus a.d. Pyhrnbahn  - Austria 

TELEPHONE: +43 7585 441 

FAX: +43 7585 44128