Holsby Brunn, Sweden
Nestled in the forests of the southern Sweden, Holsby Bible School and Conference center offers a setting where one can be still and know that He is God.

The traditional rustic architecture of a once-renowned health spa offers accommodation for up to 110 guests. In addition to our on-site challenge course and recreation facilities, the local surroundings provide opportunity for outdoor activities and the experience of Swedish culture.

Halfway between Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark (approx 350 km from either city). We are 8 km east of Vetlanda on highway 47. 

• Bible School for age 18+ (September-May)
• Sports Outreach (September-March)
• Adventure Outreach (April-October)
• Discovery - Outdoor Adventure Bible School (September-May)
• Summer Camps and Conferences (June-August)

DIRECTOR: John Poysti

ADDRESS: Fackelbärarna - Brunnsvägen 31 - 57015 Holsbybrunn - Sweden

TELEPHONE: +46 3835 067 0 

FAX: +46 3835 086 5

EMAIL: office@holsby.org

WEBSITE: www.holsby.org
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